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Honey Glazed Hams & Turkeys

“Extraordinary”, “Delicious”, “Scrumptious”, “Delectable”

—These are words that our many repeat customers use to describe the Pratt’s Honey Glazed Hams and Turkeys.

When Tom Pratt, Owner of Pratt’s Restaurant, Catering, and Hams started smoking meats in 1974, he knew he was on to something. Using a Southern Pride smoker that is still used today, Tom slow-cooked turkeys and hams for hours to get just the right flavor.

With the recipe perfected over the course of 30 years, each ham is prepared by hand using a glaze and special blend of honey and savory spices that seal in juices and flavor during the cooking process. When the smoking and cooking process is complete (taking up to 14 hours!), the hams are spiral sliced and ready to enjoy.

In addition to Pratt’s famous Honey Glazed Hams, Pratt’s now smokes and sells Honey Glazed Turkey Breasts, and Smoked Turkeys. Pratt’s Hams and Turkeys are in high demand year-round. With orders increasing every year, Pratt’s has now started taking holiday reservations for the prized meats for pick-up at our 1225 East Stone Dive location in Kingsport.

Hours of Operation are:

  • Tuesday - Thurs • 10am - 8:30pm
  • Friday & Saturday • 10am - 9:30pm
  • Christmas Eve • 10am - 6pm