Pratt's Barbeque

About Pratt’s Hams

Pratt’s Honey Glazed Hams have been a holiday tradition for over thirty years. After a slow smoking process, each Pratt’s ham is glazed by hand with a special blend of rich honey & savory spices, sealing in the delicate smoked flavor. Fully cooked, spiral sliced & ready to enjoy, a Pratt’s Honey Glazed Ham makes the perfect corporate or personal gift.

Food City Logo Pratt’s Hams are now available at our Ham Store in the following Food City locations
  • Abingdon (map)
  • Bristol • Euclid Ave. (map)
  • Blountville (map)
  • Gray (map)
  • Johnson City • Roan St. (map)
  • Kingsport • Eastman Rd. (map)
Pratt’s Honey Glazed Hams. . .Simply the Best

Pratt’s Hams have a special cure, unique to the industry.

No Water Added—just the natural juice. That means you’r not paying for water, or getting a ham with a diluted flavor.

Our Hams are spiral sliced around the bone for ease of serving, then glazed with our special blend of seasonings for that great finishing touch.