Pratt's Barbeque

Serving & Storage

Serving: Our Honey Glazed Hams are fully cooked & ready to eat. They are best served cold or at room temperature. If desired, it may be heated by placing it, with the foil slightly open, on the top rack of a 250° oven for 6-8 minutes per pound. You may also add a few drops of water to create a steam effect.

Do not overheat or bake for long because you will make the ham too dry & you won’t be happy.


To carve a ½ Ham:

  1. Insert your knife into the ham at the bone & cut around the bone.
  2. Then make cuts along the natural fat lines on the surface of the ham.
  3. The top section of slices can then be removed.
  4. Then cut along the lower right section, & lower left section to remove.

Ham Carving-Step 1
Ham Carving-Step 1

To carve a Whole Ham:

  1. Begin carving at the large (butt) end of the ham which is not spiral sliced
  2. Remove enough slices to expose the aitch-bone (ball–in–socket). This can be removed with a twisting motion
  3. Proceed as if it is a ½ Ham

Ham Carving-Step 1
Ham Carving-Step 1


Our hams are processed with a mild cure to produce a superior flavor & should be kept under refrigeration until you are ready to serve

Freezing: If the ham is not consumed within one week, it should be frozen by packing tightly in aluminum foil. When frozen, the ham will keep 6-8 weeks & is easily thawed by allowing a full 24–hours in the refrigerator.